abt me:33

hello!! my name is snotty, and i am the creator of dis lovely website! i created dis website on a whim. my interests include:

  • astrology
  • video games (namely portal)
  • fashion
  • art
  • jewelry
  • music
  • and a billion other things

i'm aware thats like really vague and basic but i dont wna give too much away ! u shld check out the other pages on my site if u wna learn more. but also this container would be about 10 pages deep if i took the time to mention everything i liked .

well i mean, in a less vague way, i like drawing and painting but mainly watercolor paint. my drawings nowadays usually consist of anime girls and psychedelic spirals i suppose. i dont draw too often.


my favorite tarot card is a three of swords but specifically in the rider-waite deck. its simple but really cool and beautiful. also i had an astrology hyperfixation for the entirety of 2021

vidya gamez

i have a *deep* love for videogames and (totally unrelated) have most likely spent over $100 on fortnite. i happen to suck at fortnite. my favorite type of games are rpgmaker games like yume nikki and .off, although my favorites are probably space funeral and gingiva. my favorite game ever though is portal. i love the portal 2 soundtrack.


a little while ago i had a friend give me a chart reading (i was too frustrated 2 look at my own chart) and she said i would make a good jeweler/jewelry designer. at the time i was like #cringe (wanted 2 be like a model or smth) but im so obsessed w jewelry rn! i make a shit ton of wire jewelry and one of my fav jewlery designers atm is joanne burke ! (her shit is so expensive though ) fun fact: fka twigs is a big fan of her jewelry and she even wears her wilted lady hoops on the cellophane single cover!

also i just really love dreams theyre really fascinating even if i dont write them down anymore. ill prolly start a dream journal on here also funfact i've had sleep paralysis so many times that im basically an expert @ surviving it 🤷‍♀️

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