Annabelle, dearest!

I suppose it is time to finally tell you about my dearest Annabelle!

Annabelle was a dear cat of mine! My mother got Annabelle as a prize from the carnival that her father took her to when she was young. Annabelle has been with my family for some good 43 years. I love her dearly and I do not believe there is anything that could pry her away from me. She has soft black fur, perhaps made from yarn or cotton, and the sweetest face. Her plastic nose is cold but precious and endearing and there is just so captivating about her precious little eyes. Fun fact: I actually gave her that cute litle pink bow that she wears. I was walking one day with my father and he noticed that there was a bit of fabric falling off the hem of my dress. He pointed it out to me and I proclaimed happily that I would rip that small string off and save it for Annabelle. I wore that string for the entire day until I arrived home once agan. Unfortunately, I could not take my dear Annabelle out with me that day. I believe had to urgently leave the house because mother was about to cook when she realized we had no food left to cook. I am not entirely sure as I was a little child with a horrible memory.


Fun Times With Annabelle! ^_^

Unfortunately, I do not have any images of me and my dearest Annabelle but the memories do still remain in my mind and deep within my heart.

I remember Annabelle's first tea party tenderly. It was noon and I had just eaten lunch. I thought that there was no better time than now to finish things off with a tea party. I was such a cheerful child. Anyways, I had sat down my Annabelle in a pink plastic chair across from myself. Bea-bea sat next to me. My xylo sat in the corner of course. Who would have a tea party with a xylophone? Such a strange idea. Anyways, I recall Annabelle as quite anticipatory. She just simply could not wait for the tea party to start. She was a rather friendly kitty after all. She started socializing with Bea-Bea. However, for whatever strange reason, Bea-Bea could not be anything but absolutely unsavory and ornery. Honestly, it got to the point where I had to pull Bea-Bea to the side and talk to her and explain to her that this kind of behavior was not only unacceptable but discouraged. I, then, demanded her to apologize to Annabelle. Fortunately, she did and there were no issues after that. Oh dear! I'm derailing the story, aren't I? Anyways, there we were sitting as I was "preparing" the tea. Annabelle and Bea-Bea were beginning to resolve their differences and realize that they had more things in common than they realized. They began to chat it up quite a bit. The tea was finally ready and I began to serve it to everybody. I even served it to my dear xylophone. However, that was mainly out of pity. (It was just sitting in the corner with nobody to talk to!!! How sad! :[) Everyone was enjoying themselves and they even allowed me to zap their tea with some magical flavor, which was something that Bea-Bea did not allow me to do all that often out of caution. It was a grand old time and everyone was gifted princess crowns at the end of the tea party.