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hi and welcome to the land of my dreams

nite of 1/13/2023

i just had a scary dream where i was in a goodwill and.i saw this cute hello kitty vivienne westwood bag but it was fucking $50 but anyways theres this pearl clone whos like looking for a new host and pearl is tryjng 2 help sneak me out to safety and i do make it across the street but i closed the goodwill door a lil hard n she heard i forgot 2 take off my shoes and i tried taking them off at the gas station before i entered the woodland but then i realjzed i gotta throw them at the goodwill so theres no trace of me this didnt work though cuz shesaw me thru the glass doors and anyways im bolting thru the woods (which is really just this very grassy open area) but eventually she catches me and takes me with all her little minions the follow her one of them talks about stabbing all my gums individually and i get scared and i run off eventually i make it out and i burst thru that gas station windows somehow anyways now it night anf its kinda foggy i look to my left for a way out i see a car but i run a little bit down and see the shafow of somebody there and then i look in the other direction and theres somebody else there regardless theres a car i. the middle w my indream friend but shes dead cuz theres another killer in the dream who was kinda behind the scenes who killed u psychologically and u would be left dead in a certain pose anyways i couldnt take the car she was on top of out of fear for the killer i couldnt go on my snapchat (even though i barely use it irl) bcs they had overtaken that and same with my twitter i was really scared anyways when i woke up i was very thankful it was just a dream

nite of 1/03/2023

gay ass dream

i was in gym clsss n i told them i had to use the bathroom and also rhat i had meeting soon so i was excused to just chill i go use the bathroom and this one girl i know we're talking she has a pretty strong southern accent but its cute anyways after shes done walks over to the stall to the crack n then seems to think to herself nahh i look over the stall doors n she walks back over n we have a staring contest for like 5 seconds anyways i leave the bathroom and go back to chilling on this cot in the hallway w sum changlas underneath on the floor i spot this lavender booklet i heard a rumor that was a lavender booklet that was dedicated to writing anything gay students did (specifically sapphic) it had pink pages although, i had to hide it quickly cuz the gym teachers were headed back to rhe locker rooms cuz they did smth their superior didnt like? i stood up but then ended up not going i ended up back in the lil bed and the gym teacher was gone for second but i didnt wna get caught w the booklet so i tucked into the side of my underwear and went to the other bathroom on the floor bathroom my spiky bookbag was in there slightly sitting up the bathroom was resembled more to the one near my room irl i pay no attention to the bookbag though anyways i sit on the toilet and i start going thru the booklet and i hear the garage open (most likely the one irl) and i hear the dogs bark and everything but then i hear like pterodactyl screeches so im like oh thank god its just papi n i stay in the bathroom after that i wake up

nite of 12/21/2022

i dreamt of a sapphic mermaid love story that was also a tragedy
one of the mermaids was human and the cycles of time for each other were different they wanted to be together but the human was going to die (but she wasnt old idk she just knew her time) she lied to her lover and said she had 10 days left when she was leaving back to the surface but really she had 81 hours left

nite of 12/14/2022

i literally went to bed at 5:30 am due to a literal addiction to working on this website (also watching white lotus) so i dont remember much but i remember going throughout this really fancy schmancy school. there was this girl on the elevator with a buncha face piercings, smudged smokey eyeshadow and silver-black skunk hair. she was kinda short i think like probably 4'11 or something and kinda tan. i was passing by and i was gna get in the elevator with her but the doors started closing. honestly, they were closing really slowly so i had more than enough time to go and get in the elevator but i was being so awkward about. i wasnt sure if she would've wanted me in the elevator (which i now realize is a really silly thought) so i was kinda like standing awkwardly in front of this elevator, wondering if i should or if i shouldn't. the doors finally closed and i continued on. i saw this one area that seemed like a resource area and i walked past this line and they had they fancy ass automatic doors and this lighth that displayed their sign it was really cool. i didn't need to go though so i walked past it. i walked past this like nurse's office on my left and went to this table to fix myself cuz i was carrying like two circular tupperware containers and i havent put them in my bag yet. amyways, i go and do that and my friend notices me. she's like omg hii! we were together earlier in the dream but we got seperated due to something or other. after i get my shit situation we go outside. next thing i know, im walking down the street in the city, specifically this one street called "bull street" with this now older lady and she says we have to go to the end of the street. im assuming there's a train station over there because i remember seeing like one of the poles or smth. anyways, she somehow got like a little kia, and the train station does exist anymore but we're now going to this store. she haphazardly drives up the stairs, not once, not twice, but like 3 different times. im shocked she didn't get into an accident. instead, she got mad at the employees in front of the store for setting the stairs up like that. i got mad with her. honestly, it was kinda funny (not in-dream but like irl as im typing this out). wait no actually, architechturally they did fuck up a little bit and some shit against code and the car kinda got fucked up and we like stole some boots and said they were reimbursement. we went to another store and they were like you can have these "beds" (looking back they were def not beds, they were literally just pieces of tulle being held together in these cute designs by a piece of metal) just as long as we alter the code according to the prompts. any old customer could do this so we just kinda went at it. eventually we spawned some flying beds n i was watching from inside the store. the older lady was outside with someone on the "bed". she was watching somebody fly up like 7-8 feet in the air from the ground, but they ended up dropping for no reason. as soon as they fell, we all ran over to make sure they were okay. they seemed mostly fine, just unconscious unfortunately. then the store-owner was like "ahh... you made the code evil i suppose" n i was like wtf cuz we didn't do an <evil>command or anything. but ya thats as much as i can remember

nite of 12/13/2022

i had a dream i went on a date with this girl and we were walking near the base of this grassy mountain at first that ive seen in other dreams before . this mountain usually has pretty yellow flowers further up n i thought we were gna go hiking but we continued walking along the base. we walk further down the path and on my left is river stream and a bunch of autumn leaves and a little bridge connecting to this weird like maze/dried out water park type area. on the right the steepness of the hill flattened into this forrest, that was snowed over. the sides were split were pretty strongly but they both seemed like they were supposed to be there. anyways we were we walking and shes talking and i was looking at the leaves and thinking about they bright orange reminds me of her. they were just really bright and vibrant like her. i didnt wna interrupt her though so i just kinda smiled to myself. anyways, we walk a lil further down the path onto the little bridge area, and she's talking to me. im like perpendicular to the leaves and river and im facing the snow. she's facing the bridge sorta. anyways, during the part we get hit by a wave several times. she doesnt really notice it (or maybe just doesnt comment on it) until it happens but i like feel it coming every single time . when i notice its abt 2 come it yell it out and then we have to hold our breath and jump until the wave is over. somehow, magically, we werent soaked or knocked around. one wave was coming and we finally got the idea to the run to the side where that weird maze/dried out water park was and the wave crashed over on the side. we laughed and she mentioned how we shouldve done this before. i chuckled and said yea. anyways finally the waves are over and we over to this lil inside area where we're just sitting on the floor chilling.

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