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just sum cool shit online 2 check out


gutenberg project

a resource for free books (mostly classical literature)

PDF Drive

another free book resource! the search algorithm is okay...

cat person by kristen roupenian (short story)

the very infamous short story about a young 20 year old who goes a date with an older man that flirts with for a little while until she finds herself growing repulsed by him.

algorithmic alienation and transcendence by harris rosenblum (essay)

an examination into the emerging hyperniche types of spiritualism spurting up on social media and how the current economic state and the algorithm drive and further exacerbate the need to be a part of a community.



bill viola: installations and videotapes

a catalogue documenting the series of artworks that were to go on exhbition (oct 1987-jan 1988) amongst a series of essays by barbara london. i honestly found this by mistake and have not read it yet. i will go back and edit this link as necessary ^_^

tissues by pan daijing for tate: modern (2019)

a page promoting a 3 hour long 5-act noise opera performed by pan daijing in tandem with another piece. unfortunately, this is the only taping i could find from this performance. fortunately, an hour long excerpt of this performance is available on most streaming services. i'll put a youtube link to right here. the piece itself is, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. it starts off with these strange electronic rhythms and moves into these choral soprano pieces that meld into something unexpected. it's so absolutely gorgeous and my personal favorite part is around the 7:00 minute mark. a must-listen to piece of work. for more information on the background of this work,here is the artist's bandcamp.

my gods by grayson perry

"an innocent child worships gods that have aspects of its parents in them: there’s a sort of projection of parent onto god. Some people have a very screwed up idea of god: if you have a vengeful parent you probably have a vengeful god. (Quoted in Klein 2009, p.176.)" i wont go too deeply into this vase, as i believe the description on the tate website says more than i ever could. it is an earthy light green vase with a hand on each side and a human body in the center depicting 4 deities, a proud man, an angry woman, a mad and overpowering woman, and a man adorned with countless flowers and a blank expression. i personally believe it's best to examine this piece in tandem with his other piece, aspects of myself which he made after attending therapy.



amongus platformer.

dont judge. its actually quite fun.

into the deep web

a very strategy-heavy fun turn-based rpg with a retro win98 aesthetic

archangel:nemesis episode1

a lovely horror-based visual novel with a retro 3D anime art style about a young girl named Twigs and her struggle between following her religion and remaining faithful to the Church of Mother and learning more of the world. 3 hour(?) playtime
WARNING 4: flashing lights, loud noises, blood

archangel:nemesis episode2::FRIDAY

following the events of episode 1, twigs and viva discover hidden secrets about LoveCorp and the Church of Mother. They also have a cute time at the arcade. ^_^ anyways, twigs finds herself falling deeper into the rabbit hole that is her religion, as events surrounding the Church unfold elsewhere. This game definitely builds on a lot of the mechanics of the last game.
WARNING 4: flashing lights, loud noises, blood, body horror, jumpscares

3 billion dreams for a forgiveness machine

another game that seems to take place in the teamcpu universe, although this seems more like it's centered around the developers of archangel:nemesis rather than the a:n universe.


a traveler named the Time Nomad comes across a talking gun named Genie in a land called the Rift following the destruction of his home. Genie offers her protection from the agressive that remain the Rift in exchange for his companionship. This game is an adventure RPG with a surrealist visual style. I definitely reccomend this game if you are a fan of surrealist painter Max Ernst, the game Yume Nikki, or just like poking your head around in strange virtual lands. (slight spoiler here, apologies) The game has 3 different endings depending on how many people you kill, each offerring more lore than the previous one.


gingiva is what you would call the spiritual successor to middens. taking place in the same universe, gingiva follows the titular character who starts off working in a factory in universe where all human heads have been replaced by keyheads, in order to increase productivity. gingiva is reprimanded by the CEO(?) who then punishes her to confinement. However, she is able to escape with the help of a friend and she runs into the treacherous land of the Rift where she must cross to remain free. you don't have to play middens to understand this game, but it does add a little bit of an extra layer of depth. it is a lot more accessible than middens due to it having more of a plot and direction. it still has the same fantastical imagery and everything but it's a bit more subdued.
WARNINGS 4: violence against women, misogyny

  • the game does include many optional mini-bosses you can find throughout the game, all of which are men that wish to court and marry you. upon interacting with any of these characters, you enter a dating sim scene, which ends in one of two ways. if you accept his offer, more often than not, you end up in a loveless marriage cleaning up after children that spawn in countlessly. after that scene is over, your character's overall levels down after being gone for so long (over a decade i think) if you decline his offer, you end up having to fight him. while these characters add commentary on what it's like to be a woman in this universe, these scenes can be rather shocking. fortunately, these boss fights are avoidable.



just a site abt the drugs and the human mind seems cool azf

a gallery of madoka magica witches

i just absolutely adore madoka magica and especially the witches. this gallery is just photos of each witch and a little more in-depth description of each witch, with a couple jokes thrown in here and there.

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