About ^_^

by angelsnot

Hello there!

You must've stumbled upon this website. Hello and I welcome you to my very humble abode. You're probably staring at the few pages this website has in total and utter confusion. (well...not total confusion but you still get my point) So allow me to clear up a few questions. I started this website about July 2020 soon after watching Serial Experiments Lain and finding countless amounts of interesting fansites. I had subconsciously modeled my website after the style of the sexygirlmax2019 arg, which I had watched a couple days or weeks prior to making the website. However, I was not aware of the amount of work and organization and dedication that creating an ARG (accidental or intentional) required, so now I'm left with the ruins of this strange website. I salute those that have made successful and interesting ARGs in the past and I recognize your effort. If you would like to follow this website, you are more than welcome to do so. However, I only work on this website once in a blue moon, so be prepared for fairly minimal upates.

Contact info

i know i should set up an email for this website instead of having people go straight to my social media but honestly i'm too lazy to care

also...a warning: i have a fairly abrasive and obnoxious typing style which can be hard to read sometimes.

future edit: at the time of writing this, it was approximately 2020 and i had a typing style very similar to a scene kid. basically i typed liek dis all da time!! sumtimez id add lil 0s in there like aradia or smth

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