The term lavender comes from the old French word, lavender which is imitative of the Latin word lavare (“to wash”). This flower represents serenity, grace, and calmness. lavender flowers tend to attract butterflies, which spiritually represent a change in oneself.

i've loved lavender for as long as i can remember. it's one of my favorite scents. i made it one of my favorite colors in middle school. and it just looks really lovely. at my elementary school, there was sort of plot in the front where various flowers grew, and one of the flowers at very front was lavender. it looked so lovely. i never took it home or anything. i just thought it was really pretty.

i honestly have no real deeper meaning for liking lavender. i just thought it always smelled really nice and it looked really pretty. it's something i've always loved and i don't think i could live without loving it.

a fun fact: i took my graduation photos in a field of lavender. i made the photographer take of me recreating both the debut and vespertine album covers. it was kinda funny 2bh.

unfinished section: lavender & it's role in queer history


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