museum of unused assets!

enjoy this page full of photos and pages i never used! feel free to use them for your own projects, as i most likely got them from tumbkr

another friend!

story: i think this deer was supposed to be some type of mysterious protector over the child, emily? emily, btw is the friend of the ghost pictured on the home page. the story with the ghost was that it wanted desperately to see emily post-mortem. so it came back to the #MortalRealm to see her, which is mentioned on the list pictured on the home page. but also that list was to help me with coding cuz this was kinda my first site ever lol. as u can tell... anyways the deer protects emily

my dearest friend

story: kind of the same thing that i mentioned in the last paragraph: this deer was meant to be a protector of emily. i'm personally imagining it as thw physical form of an angel bcs i rlly rlly like angels. i'm aware im technically the author and i can do whatever i want with this story but if you have sum cool ideas you can insert them in. after all this website was lowkey a derivative version of another series of websites. anyways, this is just another angle of emily's protector. i imagine she was very drawn to the deer, mysteriously. she'd always wanted to befriend it but she wasn't sure how. besides, it seemed to only stare at her intensely and run off. the deer itself seemed to care a great deal about her though. she was never sure why.


story: i think this was just a random photo that i threw bcs "ooo soo cool sooo weird #liminalspaces yassssss" although if i had to come up with something,it'd most likely be the emily's parent's place of work. they always seemed to just up and disappear when it was time for them to "work". they would ring out "have a good day dear!" to their beloved daughter and then they would almost fade from existence, to go work. it didn't bother emily for the most part because she lived rather close to school, but she did miss them while they were gone. she wondered what they did.

i think while at work their eyes would kinda hollow out and they would "do work" and they'd come back home when work was over, except for the days where they would work overtime. shrug!

teacher lounge

story: this was yet another "oooo weirdcore azfff" photo. no story but just to make one up rq: emily was unsure of her teachers. sure they'd seem to teach everything on the curriculum and there wasn't anything they technically did wrong, she always felt like something was off. she never liked classrooms anyways. they were always very strict and stuffy and you couldn't do anything beyond what the teachers told you. the teachers at this school though, were unlike the teachers and the classes she had ever participated in one of her other schools. the schools were annoyingly passionate about how you should behave as a student. this school is lifelessly vacant albeit strict on the proper ways to participate as a student. as if they were orders from a higher power.

dear suzys room

story: i think this was another idea from emily's chilhood room. this file is only titled "dear suzy's room" probably because i hadn't created a name for emily at this point and suzy is usually associated with young children. but if i had to make up a story it would most likely be emily's one friend who hadn't felt as static and dreary as her current environment. they met during childhood and they would have sleepovers almost every week. they would run around in the woods behind their houses rejoicing in childhood games, unaware of what was yet to come. suzy moved to emily's new town around the same time as her. it was pure coincidence, but a pure miracle. honestly, without her, emily probably would've found herself going *utterly* insane

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